Manakish in Dubai

It is difficult to think of a more popular breakfast than Manakish and if you’re living in Dubai or even visiting, then come and enjoy the freshest tastiest Zaatar, Labneh with vegetables, cheese Maajouka, Fatayer spinach, Kafta beejine, Lahem beejine and much more.

And if you’re not in the mood to leave home to enjoy our delicious breakfast dishes, just pick up the phone and order from us.  You can find our home delivery menu right here.

The Essential Lebanese Breakfast

Manakish is a dish consisting of flatbread and covered with all kinds of toppings.  Typically, it is eaten in Lebanon, Syria and other arab countries. Manakish is also known as manaeesh, manakeesh and mangish. The most common variety is manakish zaatar, flatbread covered with a mixture of olive oil, wild thyme, sesame seeds and sumac – added to the flatbreak before it is baked.

Manakis flatbreads have become so popular that there is now a demand in most communities for a bakery that can provide these delicious breads and can be found in all kinds of settings from the roadside to the most high class restaurants!

Of course Zaatar is a taste that is so familiar and an essential ingredient for manakish. The akawi cheese and lamb or chicken meat are also very common toppings. Kishk which is a mixture of dried yoghurt and bulgur wheat, is also very popular.


At Safadi Lebanese Restaurant in Al Riqqa we are serving breakfast daily from 8.30am to 1.00pm. For the very best Manakish breakfast in Dubai come and join us!



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