Al Safadi Restaurants Dubai

I’m delighted to say that we get some rather special reviews published online about our traditional Lebanese food. Here’s the latest example from one of our regular diners just last month and posted on TripAdvisor for Al Safadi Restaurants Dubai.

“The very best Lebanese food and first class waiter service. This is a destination restaurant because I’d travel far to eat at Al Safadi again. We had all kinds of starters, Fatteh with meat which is so light, fresh and tasty, different kinds of eggplant dips, hummus, lahem beejine, fatoush and grilled sea bass, king prawns and squid. What an amazing dinner in first class surroundings. At this time of the year we were able to sit outside underneath huge linen umbrellas and enjoy the night air. The waiters are smart, prompt and very efficient. Our food arrived almost at the same time with everything that we required – nothing was left out and they took care to ensure we had a glass of water. Our freshly prepared juices also arrived promptly to enjoy with our meal and fresh fish was brought to our table in a timely manner; once the waiter had observed we were almost done with our fabulous starters. I recommend all the food at this fantastic, 16 year established restaurant”. 

As Executive Chef of Al Safadi, first and foremost is our food hygiene standards and making absolutely sure that we offer the freshest meat, fish and vegetables.  Our food storage facilities are second to none in our central kitchens and we’re pleased that we go above and beyond the strict requirements of Dubai’s Health and Safety Department.

What started out as a small restaurant some 16 years ago has now extended to a dining experience with a huge cult following for both dining in, home deliveries and special events catering. Our drivers are frequently delivering to other Emirates including Abu Dhabi as the demand for traditional Lebanese food, freshly prepared with love and passion not to mention an extensive menu never fails to satisfy the appetites of hundreds of regular customers! Would you believe that in over 16 years I have never changed our hummus recipe?! That’s because I understand what our customers love and with a passion for real, traditional Lebanese cooking, there’s no need to change a much loved dish.


Diners can expect fresh baked bread from our open oven, select the freshest same day caught fish from our fabulous counter or choose a wide range of kebabs and other grilled meats that are cooked on an open fire for our customers to see. Fresh juices are prepared to order in our kitchens and appetisers, salads, dips and other speciality dishes are cooked to order from our central kitchen. Waiters are well trained, experienced and mostly with us for many years.  As diners have pointed out, they are always active, smart, composed, professional and enjoy the empowerment of serving customers well!

Al Safadi Restaurants on both Al Riqqa Street and Sheikh Zayed Road are open from 8am in the morning serving breakfast and coffee, right through to 2am in the morning for lunch, dinner and late supper.  There’s also shisha and Al Fresco dining, especially popular at this time of the year!

Come and join us at Al Safadi and if you have any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch with me and I will reply to you soonest.



Manakish in Dubai

It is difficult to think of a more popular breakfast than Manakish and if you’re living in Dubai or even visiting, then come and enjoy the freshest tastiest Zaatar, Labneh with vegetables, cheese Maajouka, Fatayer spinach, Kafta beejine, Lahem beejine and much more.

And if you’re not in the mood to leave home to enjoy our delicious breakfast dishes, just pick up the phone and order from us.  You can find our home delivery menu right here.

The Essential Lebanese Breakfast

Manakish is a dish consisting of flatbread and covered with all kinds of toppings.  Typically, it is eaten in Lebanon, Syria and other arab countries. Manakish is also known as manaeesh, manakeesh and mangish. The most common variety is manakish zaatar, flatbread covered with a mixture of olive oil, wild thyme, sesame seeds and sumac – added to the flatbreak before it is baked.

Manakis flatbreads have become so popular that there is now a demand in most communities for a bakery that can provide these delicious breads and can be found in all kinds of settings from the roadside to the most high class restaurants!

Of course Zaatar is a taste that is so familiar and an essential ingredient for manakish. The akawi cheese and lamb or chicken meat are also very common toppings. Kishk which is a mixture of dried yoghurt and bulgur wheat, is also very popular.


At Safadi Lebanese Restaurant in Al Riqqa we are serving breakfast daily from 8.30am to 1.00pm. For the very best Manakish breakfast in Dubai come and join us!